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Welcome to the home of ASL in the UK

ASL (Advanced Squad Leader) is a detailed wargame of tactical level World War II combat published by MMP. If you have never played it, this PDF contains enough material to introduce you to the basics of infantry combat.

View From The Trenches is Britain's Premier ASL Journal, having first appeared as a four page bi-monthly newsletter in March 1995. Within three years it had expanded to it's current 20 page format. Unfortunately a lack of material saw the frequency drop from bi-monthly to quad-monthly in 2006 :-( Along the way there have also been a number of special editions and scenario packs.

This web site contains PDF versions of all issues published to date - they're free but that doesn't mean I won't accept any money if you want to send me some :-) . Click here to go to the index.

This site also includes information on the three UK ASL tournaments held each year, links to a number of related ASL sites and resources of some use to ASLers, as well as some material never published in VFTT.

Roll low and prosper.

Solitaire ASL-Bot

The Solitaire ASL-Bot is a "card driven solitaire system [that] can take the place of a regular opponent and will play either side of every scenario in Starter Kit #1 (eventually, but not quite yet)."
If you are interested in giving it a try and helping the author develop the system, you can download the cards and rules from

NEW! VFTT98-99 and VFTT100 released 8 May 2017

VFTT 100 Cover VFTT100 (16.4MB)
Where Did All The Counters Go? - military museums
The Hetzer - historical background
HEROES 2017 - the results from Blackpool
Crusaders Ladder - updated
V25 Kurdish Way V26 Those Bloody Paraboys
V25 Kurdish Way V26 Those Bloody Paraboys
VFTT 98-99 Cover VFTT98-99 (18.1MB)
Blood Reef: Tarawa - the amateur player's guide
Special Ammunition - usage considerations
Tango With The Tiger - a beginner's look at overruns
Man vs. Machine - some brief tips for infantry fighting AFVs
Combat Planning - some thoughts on planning
The Sins of ASL - some tactics for inexperienced players
Tournament Reports - results from D1 2016 and IF2016
Crusaders Ladder - updated

The General

AH General Covers Avalon Hill's house magazine, in PDF format.
Avoid getting ripped off by Ebay sellers offering DVDs of The General
Download them FREE from here instead.

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Ian Pollard's BERSERK historical site
Ian Pollard's HEROES historical site
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