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VFTT 105 Cover VFTT106 (11,162 Kb)
Russian Factories on Fire - tips for Russian play in RB
German Factories on Fire - tips for German play in RB
HEROES 2019 - ASL tournament action from Blackpool
Crusaders Ladder - updated
VFTT 105 Cover VFTT105 (8,776 Kb)
Red Barricades Tactics 101 - an introduction to fighting in RB
Using DC and FT Correctly - useful advice
Armoured Cupolas In RB - a discussion of their value in Stalingrad
Sarge Sez! - some reminders For newbies
Bounding First Fire 2018 - a report from Blackpool
Crusaders Ladder - updated
VFTT 102-104 Cover VFTT102-104 (43,213 Kb)
The Shambles - VFTT scenario analysis and AAR
Words From Italy - does ASL depict the Italians well?
Objective: Schmidt Review - A look at the latest BFP module
BT Series Fast Tank - historical background
Tournaments Galore! - reports from multiple UK tournaments
Crusaders Ladder - updated
VFTT 101 Cover VFTT101 (11,470 Kb)
PTRD, PTRS and DASHIKA - Soviet anti-tank weapons
The Boys ATR - historical background
DOUBLE 1 2017 - the results from Chelmsford
Crusaders Ladder - updated
VFTT 100 Cover VFTT100 (16.4MB)
Where Did All The Counters Go? - military museums
The Hetzer - historical background
HEROES 2017 - the results from Blackpool
Crusaders Ladder - updated
V25 Kurdish Way
V25 Kurdish Way
V26 Those Bloody Paraboys
V26 Those Bloody Paraboys

VFTT100 Bonus scenario correction:
The Shambles 2019 correction
The Shambles 2019 correction

The original scenario card has the Archer(a) in the British OOB, which was not in service at the time the sceanrio took place. They should be Achilles(a), as shown on the corrected scenario card.

VFTT 98-99 Cover VFTT98-99 (18.1MB)
Blood Reef: Tarawa - the amateur player's guide
Special Ammunition - usage considerations
Tango With The Tiger - a beginner's look at overruns
Man vs. Machine - some brief tips for infantry fighting AFVs
Combat Planning - some thoughts on planning
The Sins of ASL - some tactics for inexperienced players
Tournament Reports - results from D1 2016 and IF2016
Crusaders Ladder - updated
VFTT 95-97 Cover VFTT95-97 (23.4MB)
Black Legions - the armed forces of the Italian Socialist Republic
An American in Stoumont - CG analysis
Valor of the Guards - a look at the opening CG day for the Russians
Slopes - a brief primer
SASL: North Africa - alone in the desert
The T-26 - historical background
Tournament Reports - results from DOUBLE 1 2015, IF2015 and HEROES 2016
Crusaders Ladder - updated
V23 Tiger at Bay
V23 Tiger at Bay
V24 Eagles Versus Lions
V24 Eagles Versus Lions
VFTT 94 Cover VFTT94 (13,312 Kb)
HEROES 2015 - tournament report
The Panzer III - a brief look
ASL is the Greatest Wargame Every Published - a commentary on ASL
Crusaders Ladder - updated
VFTT 93 Cover VFTT93 (3,580 Kb)
INTENSIVE FIRE 2014 - the 20th IF tournament
How to Lose With Double 1's - an AAR with a sting in the tail
The Acts of Defiance of the Cursed Platoon - a twisted AAR
Crusaders Ladder - updated
VFTT 92 Cover VFTT92 (8,540 Kb)
Hull-Down at DOUBLE 1 - tournament action from Chelmsford
Random Selection - The many uses of RS
The Gruffa-LOS - the strange tale of the mouse who learned to spot danger
Crusaders Ladder - updated
VFTT 91 Cover VFTT91 (10,086 Kb)
Return of the King - the HEROES 2014 tournament
Journey to a Tourney - thoughts from a first-timer
Passing Your Personal Morale Check - how to avoid quitting too early
Crusaders Ladder - updated
VFTT 90 Cover VFTT90 (12,340 Kb)
INTENSIVE FIRE 2013 - ASL action from Bournemouth
Crusaders Ladder - updated
Red Army Day - a Kampfgruppe Scherer CG analysis
A Guide for the Perplexed - an overview of the ASL Annuals
VFTT 89 Cover VFTT89 (10,240 Kb)
DOUBLE 1 2013 - action and results from the London ASL Club tournament
Crusaders Ladder - updated
The Making of the Deluxe Pack - a preview of a forthcoming scenario pack
VFTT 88 Cover VFTT88 (10,766 Kb)
Plundering Denmark - Toby Pilling reports on the Scanadavian ASL Open
The Retainer - the results from HEROES 2013
Fade to Red - the Chinese Civil War in SASL
Tank Terror! - a look at the initial German encounters with the T-34
Crusaders Ladder - updated
5cm Granatwerfer 36 - historical notes
Tangled at Tsangkou - a Platoon Leader CG set in the Chinese Civil War in November 1945.
Tangled At Tsangkou CG Card
VFTT PL CG2 - Tangled At Tsangkou CG
VFTT 87 Cover VFTT87 (5,479 Kb)
INTENSIVE FIRE 2012 - tournament report and resuls
Comman-D'oh Schenke - a newbie's experience of playing ASL
Setting Up A Defence - some thoughts on defensive play
Preparing to Attack - infantry attacks in ASL
Crusaders Ladder - updated
Soviet Anti-Tank Grenades - historical notes
VFTT 86 Cover VFTT86 (1,779 Kb)
SASL: Operation Sealion - a hypothetical CG for SASL
Crusaders Ladder - updated
Seven Questions - a real world approach to scenario play
Soviet Hand Grenades - historical notes
VFTT 85 Cover VFTT85 (2,365 Kb)
HEROES 2012 - tournament report
Crusaders Ladder - updated
6-6-6 The American Soldier in ASL - a look at the portrayal of American troops
Down But not Out - SASL Belgian campaigns
The Golden Age of ASL? - Ian Willey's thoughts on the state of the hobby
VFTT 84 Cover VFTT84 (3,341 Kb)
INTENSIVE FIRE 2011 - tournament report
Crusaders Ladder - updated
AFV Logic Basic Plus - product review
Spass Mit Panzerfausten - a few thoughts on panzerfaust use
SPW251 - vehicle history and use
VFTT 83 Cover VFTT83 (3,752 Kb)
Death in the Family - the life of Ian Daglish, with tributes
Crusaders Ladder - updated
DOUBLE 1 Report - action and results from the London ASL Club tournament
Out Of The Sea - HOB's SFII Kustenjaeger module review
Wild Bill Wilder Saving Private Ryan - module review
Caring For Your Tiger - Haynes' Tiger I Owner's Manual review
VFTT 82 Cover VFTT82 (3,653 Kb)
HEROES 2011 - 15 years of tournament action in Blackpool
Crusaders Ladder - updated
Big Bang Theory - using and abusing OBA
Happy (Belated) Birthday - a look back at 25 years of ASL
VFTT 81 Cover VFTT81 (1,733 Kb)
INTENSIVE FIRE 2010 - tournament action in Bournemouth
Crusaders Ladder - updated
First to Fight - notes for campaigns using Polish forces in SASL
SPW250 - vehicle history and use
VFTT 79/80 Cover VFTT79/80 (2,570 Kb)
HEROES 2010 - the action from Blackpool
Crusaders Ladder - updated
The First Bid - scenario analysis from the game played at HEROES 2010
Molotov Cocktails - historical notes and use
DOUBLE 1 2010 - tournament report
Third Party Mega-Review - a mass of products reviews
SU-76M - vehicle history and use
VFTT 78 Cover VFTT78 (3,526 Kb)
INTENSIVE FLU 2009 - the action from Bournemouth
Crusaders Ladder - updated
Up And Down The Desert - a beginners guide to the desert rules
Panzer VIB King Tiger - historical notes and use
Third Party Mega-Review - a mass of products reviews
VFTT 77 Cover VFTT77 (3,244 Kb)
Beat The Sleaze - Defending Against VBM
North West Fest - after action report
Night Blindness - refereed night scenarios
Alone In The Balkans - notes for SASL Axis Minor campaigns
Soviet Anti-Tank Rifles - historical notes and use
Battlefield Russia - Paul case visits Russia
VFTT 76 Cover VFTT76 (2,961 Kb)
A BLAST AT BLACKPOOL - Marc Hanna's report on HEROES 2009
Crusaders Ladder - updated
Endstation Budapest - analysis
Steel Inferno - scenario AAR
Blowtorch and Corkscrew - assaulting caves
Turning The Tide and AP5 - reviewed
VFTT 75 Cover VFTT75 (2,324 Kb)
INTENSIVE FIRE 2008 - a brief report and results from Bournemouth
Crusaders Ladder - updated
Liberating Bessarabia - analysis
A Steppe In The Right Direction - Russian battlefield tour report
A Half-Baked Idea For Half-Tracks - tips on usage
VFTT 74 Cover VFTT74 (1,579 Kb)
DOUBLE 1 - report from the two day ASL tournament in London
Crusaders Ladder - updated
Scenario Designer's handbook - review
Zero Hex Physics - the phsyics of ASL
Minefields - tips on usage
VFTT 73 Cover VFTT73 (4,682 Kb)
HEROES 2008 - UK tournament action in Blackpool
Crusaders Ladder - updated
Valor Of The Guards - review
The Bitter End - scenario analysis
Achtung Schweinehund - book review
Into The Rubble - scenario analysis
3rd RTR In The Rain - scenario analysis from a newcomer's perspective
Action Pack 4 - preview
VFTT 72 Cover VFTT72 (1,747 Kb)
INTENSIVE FIRE 2007 - UK tournament action in Bournemouth
Crusaders Ladder - updated
Rally Point 2 - review
Fortifications In Action - hints and tips on usage
VFTT 71 Cover VFTT71 (1,195 Kb)
DOUBLE ONE 2007 - a brief report on the London ASL tournament
Crusaders Ladder - updated
Driving Test Theory - vehicle notes for ASLSK players
Flame-Throwing Armour - one man and his dogs
My Lonely Valentine - scenario analysis
VFTT 70 Cover VFTT70 (1,049 Kb)
HEROES 2007 - all the action from Blackpool
Crusaders Ladder - updated
Mad Vet - an ASL player remembered
Howlin' Hounds - one man and his dogs
VFTT 69 Cover VFTT69 (933 Kb)
INTENSIVE FIRE 2006 - a report from a first-timer
Crusaders Ladder - updated
The Next Step - what ASL offers ASLSK players
LATW For Dummies - some brief notes on LATW use
VFTT 68 Cover VFTT68 (1,975 Kb)
DOUBLE 1 - report from the first London ASL tournament
Crusaders Ladder - updated
SP94 Out Of Order - scenario analysis
ITASLIA 2006 - action from the first Italian ASL tournament
VFTT 67 Cover VFTT67 (1,131 Kb)
Winter Warfare - a HEROES 2006 report by Paul Case
Armies of Oblivion - reviews
Crusaders Ladder - updated
An American Decision In La Gleize - KGP CGIII notes
Playtest Scenarios (Playtest Report form):
Vx1 Charge You Bastards!
Vx1 Charge You Bastards!
Vx2 Taking Umbrage
Vx2 Taking Umbrage
VFTT 65/66 Cover VFTT65/66 (4,775 Kb)
The Attu Climb - scenario analysis by Michael Davis
The Bridge At Cheneux - Paul Case looks at KGP CG II
SASL Cavalry - SASL variant
Men Against Tanks - scenario analysis
VFTT 64 Cover VFTT64 (970 Kb)
Recce On The South Coast - Paul Case reports on INTENSIVE FIRE 2005
Crusaders Ladder - updated
Bruised At Bruree - scenario analysis
VFTT 62/63 Cover VFTT62/63 (6,953 Kb)
An American In Stoumont - KGP I analysis
SASL Campaigns - a guide to potential campaigns for SASL players
Obong-Ni - scenario analysis
ASL Nationalities - a brief look at the ASL nationalities
SturmTiger - AFV DataCard
The original PDF of the SturmTiger datacard
The original PDF of the SturmTiger datacard
Climax At Nijmegen - a brief scenario analysis
VFTT 61 Cover VFTT61 (937 Kb)
View From The Armpit 2005 - Paul Case's report from Blackpool
Crusaders Ladder - updated
Commandos, Not Supermen - scenario analysis
Using DCs and FTs Correctly - tips for FT and DC use
VFTT 60 Cover VFTT60 (836 Kb)
Bickse Brawl - scenario analysis
ASL Journal 6 - a brief look
VFTT1 - 10th anniversary reprint
The Highlander - variant SMC
VFTT 59 Cover VFTT59 (1,457 Kb)
Chapelle Ste Anne - scenario analysis
Random Selection - when RS applies
Strongpoint 11 - a kind of after action report
Recon By Fire 2 - product review
VFTT 58 Cover VFTT58 (573 Kb)
The Stormy Gun Pit - Paul Case's report on the 10th INTENSIVE FIRE
View From The Trenches Down Under - Australian Steve Linton's report of INTENSIVE FIRE
Paper Tigers - scenario analysis
Crusaders Ladder - updated
VFTT 57 Cover VFTT57 (2,731 Kb)
Intensive Fire, Drinking And ASL - 10 year of INTENSIVE FIRE
ASL Starter Kit Explained - ASLSK tips
The Big Book Of ASL Sleaze v2.5 - a sleaze update
VFTT 55/56 Cover VFTT55/56 (1,472 Kb)
Heroic Gun-Pit - all the action from Blackpool
ATS Conversion - tips on converting ATS scenarios to ASL
A Closer Look At Concealment - advice on concealment
Unit Capabilities - notes on infantry MMC
The Rats of Hamich - scenario analysis
Routing 101 - routing for beginners
Truly Critical Hits - calculating CHs
VFTT 54 Cover VFTT54 (420 Kb)
The Scenarios of INTENSIVE FIRE 03 - Michael Davies' offers pre- and post-tournament views on some of the IF scenarios
The Essential ASOP - Jim Macleod's ASOP guide
Night Actions Matrix - a night aid
The Winter Ware - book review
VFTT 52/53 Cover VFTT52/53 (1,666 Kb)
Gun Pit On The South Coast - Paul Case's irreverent look at IF 03
The Scenarios of INTENSIVE FIRE 03 - Michael Davies' offers pre- and post-tournament views on some of the IF scenarios
The Death Of ASLOK - Steve Linton presents an Aussie perspective on ASLOK
Crusaders Ladder - updated
VFTT 50/51 Cover VFTT50/51 (3,508 Kb)
Dien Bien Phu Part Trois - the final part of the scenario analysis
A Short Article About A Short Scenario - Toby Pilling's experience with 'J51 Cactus Farm'
Central Railway Station - analysis of  the CH scenario
Operation Bluecoat - a review of Ian Daglish's new book
VFTT 49 Cover VFTT49 (830 Kb)
Gun Pit's Trip Up North - Paul Case's view of BERSERK!
Dien Bien Phu Part Deux - more scenario analysis
Another Look At Campaign Games - Chris Riches' looks at third party CG
Crusader Ladder - updated
VFTT 47/48 Cover VFTT47/48 (3,356 Kb)
Achtung Panzerfaust - A look at A49 Delaying Action
Kampgruppe Peiper I - a VASL replay
A BERSERK!er at INTENSIVE FIRE - Trev Edwards offers his view of IF02
Dien Bien Phu - scenario analysis part 1
Fanatic Pack 1 - Design Notes
Reviewed - Schwerpunkt 8, Onslaught To Orsha
VFTT 46 Cover VFTT46 (530 Kb)
Gross Deutschland - scenario analysis part 2
A Tale of Two Scenarios - a look at the two versions of 'PB6 It's About Time'
INTENSIVE FIRE 2002 - results
VFTT 45 Cover VFTT45 (735 Kb)
Gross Deutschland - scenario analysis part 1
If You Go Down To The Woods Today... - a look at woods rules
View From The Other Side - a woman's view of ASLers
Brihuega Disaster - a brief scenario look
VFTT 43/44 Cover VFTT43/44 (1,928 Kb)
The Scenarios Of Guerra Civil - Guerra Civil scenario analysis
BERSERK! 2002 - all the action from the British ASL tournament
Double Blind ASL - umpired ASL rules
High Danger - an overview by Matt Romey
Campaign Games Reviews - some CG thoughts
VFTT 42 Cover VFTT42 (1,159 Kb)
The Scenarios Of Guerra Civil - Guerra Civil scenario analanalysis
A View From The Gun Pit - Paul Case on scenario review
V21 Festung Blerick
V21 Festung Blerick
V22 Unhorsed Todforce
V22 Unhorsed Todforce
VFTT 41 Cover VFTT41 (1,102 Kb)
The Leibstandarte In Action - scenario analysis of the second LSSAH pack
"Excuse me, how long have you been here!?!" - time as a factor in DYO scenarios
Operation Watchtower - reviewed
Schwerpunkt 7 - reviewed
VFTT 40 Cover VFTT40 (2,398 Kb)
Intensive Fire 2001 - tournament report
The Leibstandarte In Action - scenario analysis of the second LSSAH pack
Ozzie Rules - Toby Pilling in Australia
Nudey Rudey Shake-Yo Booty ASL Weekend - ASL in Liverpool
VFTT 39 Cover VFTT39 (1,558 Kb)
A Weekend At The Beach - beach landings in ASL
A Weekend in Normandy - Andy Saunders visits the Normandy battlefields
Noble Craft of Warfare - Revisited - another look at the HOB scenario
Heroes 2001 - tournament report
V19 Cactus Farm
V19 Cactus Farm
V20 Death Or Glory
V20 Death Or Glory
VFTT 38 Cover VFTT38 (1,011 Kb)
Noble Craft of Warfare - scenario analysis
ASL Journal 3 - reviewed
ASL Notes From Down Under - Toby Pilling goes to Australia
Faking It According To D.5 - how ASLRB2 can affect older scenarios
ASL Questionnaire - help shape the future of the UK ASL scene with this questionnaire.
VFTT 37 Cover VFTT37 (1,413 Kb)
BERSERK! 2001 - tournament action
Genesis 48 - reviewed
The Ugly - Toby Pilling looks at CG
Commando ASL - updating the ASL Annual 92 rules
Naval Operations In The Baltic - a few notes on German NOBA use
VFTT 36 Cover VFTT36 (760 Kb)
ASLRB2 - Reviewed
The Bad - Toby Pilling looks at his least favourite scenarios
'Rikusentai Replayed' - BRT scenario replay
A Few Words on Stacking - a brief look at stacking
Reviews - LFT5, CH's Total East Front and Total Pacific packs
The Physics of ASL - ASL and the real world meet
VFTT 34/35 Cover VFTT34/35 (4,088 Kb)
INTENSIVE FIRE 2000 - full report and results
The Good - Toby Pilling looks at some of his favourite scenarios
Grenadier 2000 - a report from the German ASL tournament
Highway To Psel - Hell's Bridgehead scenario analysis
666 - The Number of the Squad - using American troops effectively
The Forgotten Fleets - the French, German and Italian navies in ASL
Scenarios (courtesy of the Canadian ASL Association):
MLR5 Third Time Lucky MLR6 Grenade And Bayonet
MLR5 Third Time Lucky MLR6 Grenade And Bayonet
VFTT 33 Cover VFTT33 (1,425 Kb)
'Hold Until Relieved' - Pegasus Bridge scenario analysis
"Who Are Those Guys" - the British SMC at Pegasus Bridge
Combat Mission - is this Computer ASL?
Hell's Bridgehead - product review
Scenarios (courtesy of the Canadian ASL Association):
MLR3 Mooshof Melee MLR4 Sneek Attack
MLR3 Mooshof Melee MLR4 Sneek Attack
VFTT 32 Cover VFTT32 (1,095 Kb)
Fighting with Hell On Wheels - scenario analysis
Street Fightin' Man - urban combat in ASL
Foxy Foxholes - entrenchment tips
Avian Airpower - birds in ASL
Schwerpunkt 5: Medal of Honor - product review
Right of Inspection - checking enemy stacks
Scenarios (courtesy of the Canadian ASL Association):
MLR1 Hana-Saku MLR2 Troteval Farm
MLR1 Hana-Saku MLR2 Troteval Farm
VFTT 31 Cover VFTT31 (2,135 Kb)
Reference Notes for SW - Chapter H Notes for ASL SW (part 3)
Stabilised Fire - the Bren MMG
BERSERK! 2000 - tournament report and photos
ASL Training - a variant for using uncommon rules sections
VFTT 29/30 Cover VFTT29/30 (1,492 Kb)
Reference Notes for SW - Chapter H Notes for ASL SW (part 2)
Keeping The Enemy At The Gates - defending the Red Barricades
Snow On The Barricades - a weather variant for Red Barricades
A Bunch of Flankers - flanking attacks
Tango With The Tiger - vehicle overrun basics
Easing the Hedgerow Hell - bocage for beginners
Blitzkreig For Beginners - basic AFV tactics
INTENSIVE FIRE '99 - tournament report
VFTT 28 Cover VFTT28 (788 Kb)
Reference Notes for SW - Chapter H Notes for ASL SW (part 1)
Third Try at the Third Bridge - ABTF thoughts
Everyone's Ganging Up On Me - a brief guide to infantry overruns
BR:T, ABTF - MMP's new releases reviewed
VFTT 26/27 Cover VFTT26/27 (1,804 Kb)
ASL as Simulation - Thougths on ASL's worth as a simulation of WW2 combat
COMBAT! NORMANDY - Have CH designed a replacement for ASL?
A DC Helper - A primer for DC use
The Dance of Death - Using mobility to defeat strength
Interrogation - gathering information in ASL
MAD VET CON - A report on the action at the UK ASL gathering
V17 Becker's Battery V18 Dickie's Bridge
V17 Becker's Battery V18 Dickie's Bridge
VFTT 25 Cover VFTT25 (968 Kb)
Clash At Stourmont - an analysis of the KGP "CG I The Clash At Stoumont"
BERESRK '99 - A report on the action at one of the main British ASL tournaments
VFTT 24 Cover VFTT24 (999 Kb)
Blood And Guts - an analysis of the RB scenario "Blood And Guts"
The Four Trench Defence - a plan for defending Stalingrad
Squeezing Peiper's Bulge - a new KGP CG which uses all three maps.
Ten Questions With Curt Schilling - an interview with MMP's Curt Schilling
V15 Commandos Eat Quiche V16 The Eagle Has Landed
V15 Commandos Eat Quiche V16 The Eagle Has Landed
VFTT 23 Cover VFTT23 (1,163 Kb)
Pumas Prowling - an intro to the armour rules (click here for an ASLRB-formatted version)
Taming The Waffen SS - tips for the scenarios of the HoB Waffen SS: No Quater No Glory scenarios
The Cullin Hedgerow Device - historical notes on the famous hedgerow cutter
Old Man Forward - an analysis of the CH scenario used at INTENSIVE FIRE '98
V13 Hunting Tigers V14 Last Train To Lodz
V13 Hunting Tigers V14 Last Train To Lodz
VFTT 22 Cover VFTT22 (1,789 Kb)
An Inside Look At Doomed Battalions - MMPs thoughts on Doomed Battalions
Debriefings - the latest Q&A from MMP as posted to the InterNet ASL Mailing List on 18th September 1998
Ruweisat Ridge - review and designer's response
A General's Reviews - reviews of numerous third party products released at ASLOK
Scotland The Brave Designers Notes - Ian Daglish offers a sneak preview of his forthcoming module
Intensive Beer Drinking '98 - a personal report from the UK's biggest ASL convention as well as all the results
V11 A Final Surprise V12 Nocturnal Attrition
V11 A Final Surprise V12 Nocturnal Attrition
VFTT 21 Cover VFTT21 (793 Kb)
Hit The Beaches Running! - an intro to beach assaults
LC Damage Flow Chart
VO9 Jig Green East: Storming Le Hamel V10 Riposte At Dusk
VO9 Jig Green East: Storming Le Hamel V10 Riposte At Dusk
VFTT 20 Cover VFTT20 (1,007 Kb)
The Player Strikes Back - a critical look at ASL
The Black Book of Sleaze - a comprehensive list of sleaze tactics
The Spice of Life - variant rules originally printed in Maple Leaf Route
Everybody In Da House - house rules used by assorted players
V07 The Hunting Ground V08 The Price of Arrogance
V07 The Hunting Ground V08 The Price of Arrogance
VFTT 19 Cover VFTT19 (735 Kb)
A Dummies Guide To Dummies - concealment
Opportunity Fire - Reasons for Opportunity Fire
VFTT 17/18 Cover VFTT17/18 (1,405 Kb)
Cowering - the effects
Australian Balancing System - reprint of the ABS from Fire For Effect
VFTT 16 Cover VFTT16 (826 Kb)
AH's CH vs. CH - the AH raid on CH, and some personal comments
Old Macdonald and Chapter H - Removing MGs from HT and Jeeps
An Alternative CH Table - variable CH effects
VFTT 14/15 Cover VFTT14/15 (1,109 Kb)
Night-time At Pegasus Bridge - Defending the bridge
The Jungle is Neutral - PTO terrain
The Soldiers of the Emperor - the Japanese in ASL
Jungle Warfare in ASL - PTO combat tactics
Just A Matter of Combination - combining Assault Movement
Unmounted Damaged/Destroyed glider counters
VFTT 13 Cover VFTT13 (669 Kb)
They Came From The Sky - step by step guide to para/glider drops
Dropping In For Tea And Biscuits - airborne assault tactics
Unmounted unarmed Fallschirmjager counters Unmounted unarmed Fallschirmjager counters
VFTT 12 Cover VFTT12 (726 Kb)
A Grunt's Guide To OBA - basic OBA guide
OBA Probabilities - OBA stats
A Tale of Two Target Types - Using the Area Target Type
Historical OBA Charts - exact calibre OBA charts
Call Up The Big Guns - historical use of OBA
VFTT 11 Cover VFTT11 (1,174 Kb)
British ETO43 SASL Tables Tommy Atkins Alone - British SASL Tables
Unarmed But Dangerous - Prisoners
War Dogs - USMC dog units
VFTT 10 Cover VFTT10 (328 Kb)
Clearing Away The Sands of War - vernacular chapter F
The Day of High Danger - analysis of the first VFTT scenario
Infiltration in Plain English - infiltration made simple
VFTT 9 Cover VFTT9 (462 Kb)
Conquer To Control - building control clarified [based on pre-Doomed Battalions rules]
Blastem 'N' Burnem - FT and DC uses
Mortars - the uses of light mortars
VFTT 8 Cover VFTT8 (171 Kb)
Killer Stacks - stacking in ASL
Possession - Demonic rules
V05 No Easy Victories V06 They Think It's All Over
V5 No Easy Victories99 V06 They Think It's All Over99
VFTT 7 Cover VFTT7 (162 Kb)
Dutch Trucks - minor vehicle listing
V03 Assault On A Queen V04 Only The Enemy In Front
V03 Assault On A Queen99 V04 Only The Enemy In Front99
VFTT '95 Cover VFTT '95 (issues 1-6) (670 Kb)
Commander's Notebook - thoughts on a selection of scenarios
Defensive Planning - considerations when defending
Commander's Notebook - Planning considerations
V01 High Danger V02 Tebbe's Tigers
V01 High Danger2010 V02 Tebbe's Tigers04
VFTT Special Edition '98 Cover VFTT SPECIAL EDITION '98 (854 Kb)
Birds of Prey - an introduction to the air support rules
Dogfighting Tactics - a guide to using air support
Ground Attack Aircraft of World War II - Chapter H-style notes on aircraft counters included in the issue
A First Use of Airpower - a player's first experience of using the air support rules
Unmounted aircraft countersheet Includes unmounted aircraft counters to replace the generic types in ASL
Operation Neptune Cover OPERATION NEPTUNE (1,579 Kb)
A Platoon Leader 1.0 CG covering the British operation to cross the Seine in August 1944.
Includes CG Card and colour overlays for the village of Vernonnet.
Shingle's List Cover SHINGLE'S LIST(1,208 Kb)
A scenario pack containing eight scenarios covering the battles in the Anzio bridgehead
Also included is a set of British and Italian SASL tables.

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