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Double 1.
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Thu 1 - Sun 4 Mar 2018

DOUBLE 1 2018

Thu 21 - Sun 24 Jun 2018

DOUBLE 1 2018
Thu 21 - Sun 24 June

DOUBLE 1 is an ASL tournament run by the London ASL Club.

As well as the main tournament on the Saturday and Sunday, there are also mini-tournaments on the Friday, and plenty of chances for friendly games throughout the weekend.

For more information, visit the tournament web-site (opens in a new window).
To register simply log in to your account and click the link on that page to view forth-coming tournaments

Confirmed Attendees

Nigella Blair arriving Thu 21 Jun 2018
Gerard Burton arriving Thu 21 Jun 2018
Derek Cox arriving Thu 21 Jun 2018
Paul Legg arriving Fri 22 Jun 2018
Gary Norman arriving Thu 21 Jun 2018
Pete Phillipps arriving Thu 21 Jun 2018
Simon Staniforth arriving Thu 21 Jun 2018

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