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Wed 20 - Sun 24 Nov 2019


Wed 4 - Sun 8 Mar 2020

DOUBLE 1 2020

Thu 25 - Sun 28 Jun 2020

Wed 4 - Sun 8 March


HEROES is an opportunity for ASLers to shake off the winter blues and get in some ASL action in the UK.

As normal the action starts on Thursday and continues through to Sunday so you can play in an ASL tournament and/or play friendly games (or even try your hand at a campaign game if you can find an opponent).
The focus of the weekend will be the main tournament, in which players of like record are paired off to allow us to determine the winners. Depending on the numbers taking part, there will either be one round on Friday or two (one in the morning, the second in the evening, two more on Saturday, and a final round on Sunday morning, finishing around 2pm. Each round sees players choose from three carefully selected scenarios. Main tournament entrants are to be familiar with the rules through to the first half of Chapter G.
Don’t worry if you are a new player (someone who has only ever played five or fewer games against a live opponent), as several experienced players are on hand to play against who will be happy to assist you in learning the game - if there are sufficient numbers there will also be a special tournament based on the ASL Starter Kit on Friday. There will never be a better time to try your hand at ASL!
Remember, you can also drop in just for part of a day if you can't make it for the full weekend.


The Headlands (611 New South Promenade, FY4 1NJ) offers plenty of gaming room for the whole weekend. Meals and good beers are also available in the hotel, and numerous alternative food outlets are close by.
Single rooms are available from £35 (including breakfast) - please contact the hotel for rates if you wish to share a room. Do not try to book using the hotel website, as it will tell you there are no rooms available - instead, phone them and mention that you are wanting to book a room to attend the games tournament!

The hotel is easily accessible from the M55 and the train station is a 5 minute walk away.

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Train travel can be booked at - you need Blackpool Pleasure Station (the last stop before Blackpool South) as your destination station; the station prior to that is Squires Gate so prepare to Unload when it leaves there :-)


Weekend registration for the tournament costs just £15 if registering by Sunday 24 February - thereafter it is £20. There is no need to pay in advance, simply pay on arrival at the tournament.
To register simply log in to your account and click the link on that page to view forth-coming tournaments

Confirmed Attendees

Ian Ainsworth arriving Thu 5 Mar 2020
Joe Arthur arriving Tue 3 Mar 2020
Craig Benn arriving Thu 5 Mar 2020
Mark Blackmore arriving Thu 5 Mar 2020
David Blackwood arriving Wed 4 Mar 2020
Neil Brunger arriving Tue 3 Mar 2020
Gerard Burton arriving Wed 4 Mar 2020
Paul Case arriving Wed 4 Mar 2020
Steve Cook arriving Thu 5 Mar 2020
Alan Hume arriving Wed 4 Mar 2020
Morris Legge arriving Wed 4 Mar 2020
William Lobban arriving Wed 4 Mar 2020
John Martin arriving Wed 4 Mar 2020
Ian Morris arriving Thu 5 Mar 2020
Pete Phillipps arriving Wed 4 Mar 2020
Ian Pollard arriving Thu 5 Mar 2020
Simon Staniforth arriving Wed 4 Mar 2020
Martin Vicca arriving Fri 6 Mar 2020

Tournament Scenarios


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