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Avalon Hill's gaming magazines, in PDF format.
Despite what the various Ebay sellers claim, these are still in copyright, so if the copyright owner complains I will remove them.
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The General

Avalon Hill's house magazine, created from 150dpi scans. For copies of Vol 1-25 scanned at 600dpi, go to (scroll to the bottom of the page for the links to free downloads of each volume).

All-Star Replay

Avalon Hill's house magazine devoted to its sports games line.


Avalon Hill's short-lived house RPG magazine.

Heroes v1 01 (12.80MB)

Heroes v1 02 (28.68MB)

Heroes v1 03 (27.38MB)

Heroes v1 04 (46.30MB)

Heroes v1 05 (13.69MB)

Heroes v1 06 (11.76MB)

Heroes v2 01 (7.65MB)

Heroes v2 02 (18.60MB)

Heroes v2 03 (17.66MB)

Heroes v2 04 (16.78MB)

Index (0.02MB)

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The General (PDF version)

AH General Covers
Avalon Hill's house magazine, in PDF format.
Avoid getting ripped off by Ebay sellers offering DVDs of The General, download them FREE from here instead.

The Samaritans
Contact the Samaritans for mental health help.

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