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Crusaders logo All players participating in a British ASL tournament receive a ladder rating which is increased/decreased for winning and losing. All games played at UK tournaments (both competition and friendly, apart from playtest and ASLSK scenarios) are used in calculating the rankings.
Players are given an initial rating of 3000 points and these are then added to and lost following a scheme very similar to that used by the old Avalon Hill AREA rating system.

Games are also reported to the ASL AREA site, which compiles a similar system for tournaments around the world. More information can be found here.

Top 20 Active Players Full Ladder Ladder Rules

Crusader Ladder Rules

  1. Only games played at INTENSIVE FIRE, HEROES, and DOUBLE ONE are eligible at present (if another tournament is established with a minimum of 15-20 participants from a wide geographical area we will consider including its results).
  2. ALL competition games will be counted for the calculation of ladder point totals.
  3. Friendly games will be counted if both players agree to do so prior to play.
  4. ASLSK games and three-player scenarios will not be included.
  5. Playtest scenarios should only be included if both players agree prior to play.
  6. Each CG Date of a campaign game can be included as a seperate game.
  7. All players have an initial rating of 3000 points.
  8. Points are gained/lost according to the table below:-
Hgher rated player wins: Lower rated player wins: Drawn Games:
Difference in ratings points High player gains / lower player loses High player loses / lower player gains High player loses / lower player gains
0-50 70 70 0
51-100 65 75 5
101-150 60 80 10
151-200 55 85 15
201-250 50 90 20
251-300 45 95 25
301-350 40 100 30
351-400 35 105 35
401-450 30 110 40
451-500 25 115 45
501-550 20 120 50
551-600 15 125 55
601-650 10 130 60
651+ 5 135 65

The point score of an individual does not vary during the tournament.
Results are calculated for the entire weekend shortly after the event, based on the player ratings immediately prior to the start of the event.

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