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Crusaders logo All players participating in a British ASL tournament receive a ladder rating which is increased/decreased for winning and losing. All games played at UK tournaments (both competition and friendly, apart from playtest and ASLSK scenarios) are used in calculating the rankings.
Players are given an initial rating of 3000 points and these are then added to and lost following a scheme very similar to that used by the old Avalon Hill AREA rating system.

Games are also reported to the ASL AREA site, which compiles a similar system for tournaments around the world. More information can be found here.

Top 20 Active Players Full Ladder Ladder Rules

Shown below are the top 20 players, and the date of their last tournament attendance, with active players (those who have attended within the last two years) shown in bold.

Ladder ratings as of Mon 7 Mar 2022

POS.RATINGNAME (tournament attendance [total] )W-D-L (Tot)
13990Toby Pilling (IF'95-H'22, 22 Nov 2021) [26]82-2-7 (91)
23965Mark Blackmore (IF'07-H'22, 7 Mar 2022) [20]113-0-33 (146)
33935Derek Tocher (IF'95-IF'10, 1 Nov 2010) [24]94-2-28 (124)
43820Michael Hastrup-Leth (IF'97-DO-15, 29 Jun 2015) [7]36-1-13 (50)
53770Martin Mayers (IF'96-BF-21, 25 Nov 2019) [36]99-0-68 (167)
63755Aaron Cleavin (IF'00-BF-20, 23 Nov 2020) [2]13-0-0 (13)
73755Steve Thomas (IF'96-IF'00, 30 Oct 2000) [12]32-1-9 (42)
83755Craig Benn (IF'06-H'22, 7 Mar 2022) [25]122-0-35 (157)
93720Simon Strevens (IF'97-IF'06, 30 Oct 2006) [15]60-1-25 (86)
103685Martin Vicca (H'04-H'22, 7 Mar 2022) [19]54-1-20 (75)

113660Mike Rudd (IF'95-BK'02, 18 Mar 2002) [8]32-1-5 (38)
123650Fermin Retamero (IF'01-IF'03, 27 Oct 2003) [2]11-0-2 (13)
133640Georges Tournemire (IF'03-H'11, 14 Mar 2011) [2]7-1-0 (8)
143580Dave Schofield (IF'96-IF'13, 29 Oct 2012) [30]111-0-42 (153)
153560Pete Bennett (IF'95-IF'98, 2 Nov 1998) [4]12-1-1 (14)
163560Bjarne Marell (IF'97-IF'03, 27 Oct 2003) [6]26-0-10 (36)
173545Steve Linton (IF'99-IF'04, 1 Oct 2004) [3]14-0-3 (17)
183530Paul Hasesler (IF'99-DO-10, 26 Jun 2010) [4]10-2-5 (17)
193505Marc Hanna (H'09-DO-18, 25 Jun 2018) [5]16-0-7 (23)
203495Ian Morris (DO-11-H'22, 7 Mar 2022) [24]80-2-55 (137)

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