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"the next time you do get to play someone, especially a good friend, pause and relish the passing moment because you never know"
Trev Edwards, May 2007

This is a page for people to pay their respects to ASL players who are no longer with us :-(
Simply click on a name to find out more about the person and the tributes to them.
If you want me to add a tribute, or set up a new page for someone please contact me.

Paul Weir (2020)
John Hill (2015)
Fred Ingram (1949 - 2014)
Christian Koppmeyer (1962 - 2014)
Bill 'Fish' Conner (1952 - 2012)
Ian Daglish (1952 - 2011)
Glen Gray (1957 - 2010)
Jim McLeod (2009)
Iain Mckay (1962 - 2006)
John Van Marter (1961 - 2007)
Gord Reid (1953 - 2007)
Cloyde Angell (2005)
Kent Smoak


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BORN: 10 Sept 1952

DIED: 17 Feb 2012


Darryl Burk
The world has lost a great gamer and I've lost a great friend and gaming buddy. Play a scenario in his memory and use Sgt. Conner, I know he'd appreciate it, Hope to see you at ASLOK but it won't be the same for me. Sorry, the tears are flowing freely now

Bret Hildebran
Truly sad to hear the news. Fish will be missed. A true legend of the ASL Community. ASLOK won't quite be the same w/o him.

Steve Pleva
Fish advanced our hobby greatly. A good guy and good gamer!

Vic Provst
Fish helped get this Hobby and Tourney Scene really get off the ground back in the day and will surely be missed.

Perry Cocke
It is difficult for me to express how much this wonderful man meant to me personally and to the hobby as a whole.

Gary Fortenberry
Fish was the first person I played a game of ASL with. From that moment on, over the nearly 30 years I have known him, Fish was one of the best people I have ever known.

Ray Woloszyn
He was a long time friend having crossed swords with him at distant Origins before there was even ASL, particularly remembering the Charlotte SL Open which after the accidental death of its sponsor, Don Munsell, Bill took the idea of a tournament based on one game only and created the Oktoberfest. I had the pleasure of visiting Bill many times outside of ASL such as my business trips to Mansfield, Ohio. My particular memory of Bill is the good times we had with Brian Martuzas visiting the battlefields of Holland and the Bulge in 1994.

Spencer Armstrong
The grognard's grognard. And still made this newbie feel welcome in Cleveland.

Pete Phillipps
Never met Fish the one time I was at ASLOK, but his contributions to the hobby will ensure his name is never forgotten.

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